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Too often people measure their health by sickness; if they don't have a disease then they must be healthy. Truthfully, many people are walking around already half-sick. What is being healthy to you? Don't settle for just being disease-free, seek health! The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical mental and emotional well-being. So, to be healthy ~ feed your body and soul!

Symptoms are signs from the body that 'things' are not as they should be. Symptoms should be used as barometers to gauge your state of health much as an oil light in a car measures the state of the vehicle's oil. If the oil light in your car beckoned you to add oil, you wouldn't put a tape over the light to block the signal from your sight -you would add oil.

Oprah teaches that when the Universe is trying to get your attention it starts out with a whisper. If you don't get the message then the Universe might knock a little louder and toss a pebble at you. If you still don't heed the caution, the pebble becomes a brick and then the brick becomes a brick wall and then you are in the eye of the storm. Health is like that. Symptoms are messages that 'things' are out of balance. People often miss the message and take action when they are already in the eye of the storm. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

After my undergraduate degree in Biology I was exploring my options in deciding what I was "going to be." As luck would have it (if there is such a thing as luck), through a work-related workshop, I went to a talk given by a local Naturopath. When the Naturopathic Physican spoke a light bulb went on. I hadn't really known that this profession existed and discovered an area of healthcare that fell in line with my approach to my own health. Without putting a label on it and really understanding what I was doing, it had always made sense to me to treat problems from the root and to avoid bandaid approaches. Thus began my Naturopathic Education.

While Naturopathic Physicians in B.C. offer primary healthcare and can see people for any health concern (or just to assess where you are on the health continuum), I think of Naturopaths as general practitioners of what is commonly called "alternative medicine." I like an integrated approach and generally feel that if it is not too complicated then the more brains you have working on your health the better.