Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions & Wish List

The holiday season for me is all about family, ritual, and enjoyment. That means bringing those you love as close to your heart as you can by doing something together that creates memories. And thanks to that winter magic that seems to sparkle everywhere (with or without snow), it’s not hard to find opportunities to do this.

I wanted to share some of our much loved family traditions this month, as well as some of the gifts I’ve picked up for family and friends that I know will be loved. Because you can never have enough ideas for ways to make it special, right?

Top Three Holiday Experiences

  1. Christmas Light Road Trip –  I like to surprise my kids with this ritual and choose a night that we all pack into the car with popcorn and hot chocolate. Thanks to the @timescolonist map we know where the houses with the best lights and decorations are. Even as my kids get older, this tradition remains a favourite.
  2. Shop Local –  Even though it’s amazing to have everything at our fingertips thanks to Amazon and Google, I believe in the importance of shopping locally. So we usually have a day or two where our family splits up and we head out with the goal of buying something unique and local for each other. I like to take my kids to Lifestyle Markets to find edible treats for each other and downtown to hunt for treasures on Fort, Government, and Johnson street.
  3. Christmas Eve –  even as my kids get older they love the ritual of  leaving something for Santa and his reindeer. We throw carrots on the roof, sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn, and leave out a treat for Santa. And they love receiving special holiday pajamas the night before as well – I pre-wash them so that they are fresh and ready to go. Something about this gift makes me so happy. Cozying up on the couch with new pj’s with a fire, the tree sparkling, and the energy and happiness of the holidays – you really can’t beat it.

12 Days of Holiday Favourites
First and foremost I love to give the gift of an experience – passes to the local museum, a night out at the movies, or dinner somewhere special. But I do also love searching for the the perfect gift for family and friends and these are some of the presents I’ll be tucking into stockings and putting under the tree this year:

  1. L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponies: A favorite of all the women in my extended family, these are the perpetual gift that is stolen during our secret Santa exchange.
  2. Drizzle Honey: Produced in Calgary, I’ve been hooked on their Raw Spiced Cinnamon Honey for the last month. It’s perfect in a chai tea or drizzled on some cooked apples in your morning oatmeal. Seriously yum. You can pick some up in Victoria at Lifestyle Markets.
  3. Rogers’ Chocolates: These fair-trade chocolates are the ideal indulgence as a teacher gift, for that neighbour who feeds your cat, or for anyone on your list really.
  4. Butter Nail Polish: I love these long-wearing nail polishes – they promotes strong nails and there are so many colours to choose from. Clean ingredients, cruelty free, and part of #OprahsFavoriteThings for 2018. A no brainer really!
  5. Stance Socks: these beauties will change how you think about socks. They are technical but still really comfortable with cool designs that stay put.  I especially love the super invisible ones – the best!
  6. Eminence Coconut Moisturizer: This lovely and hydrating moisturizer has coconut oil and shea butter and is one of my fav indulgences from local Bliss Spa in Cadboro Bay village.
  7. Little Fires Everywhere, Celeste Ng: CBC described this work of fiction as the book you should give that friend who hasn’t read in awhile. It’s got some great twists and is just a really great story.
  8. Nespresso Frother: I love my morning tea ritual and this little frother has been a game changer. It makes the most smooth and light foam you’ve ever have. So so good. It’s like starting the day with a warm hug.
  9. Lee Valley light: Kids and adults alike love these and they are the perfect gift for anyone who loves camping. They don’t get hot so it’s great for beside your bed, in a tent, or to light a blanket fort.
  10. Kindle: Although I’m a big lover of paper and still use a paper agenda, and I buy all the cookbooks I can get my hands on, I’ve been converted to my Kindle. It’s so convenient for travel and easy to stash in my purse when I am on the go but I might have a few extra minutes. I can flip between fiction, biographies and journal articles for work depending on my time and mood.  And let’s be honest, the yellow version just makes me happy 🙂
  11. Harry’s Razor Subscription: A great option for that guy in your life who probably uses his razor a few weeks too long. They are nicely designed, come in the mail when you need them, and are cheaper than those Mac3’s you keep buying.
  12. How to Celebrate Everything: This was a gift from a dear friend and I reach for this fun, thoughtful, and reliably delicious cookbook a lot. It was the source for my much beloved popovers and is a sure shot for that foodie in your life.  

Hope this list hit on an idea for someone you know. I always love recommendations on new or trusted favorites that you’ll be giving this season so please let me know!

And no matter what you’re up to this season, whether your celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you and your family and friends the very best. Here’s to happy, healthy and ritual filled holidays with the ones you love. Happy holidays!