Beginnings and Endings

Welcome to my new website and blog! I’m very proud of the new look and feel of my company. Going through the process of developing a new website gave me the opportunity to reflect on my career choice and how it has evolved. I am incredibly grateful for the path that I’ve chosen. Health is wealth, I believe this more than ever. Our bodies are miraculous and the way that we are able to optimize them for our own health benefits continues to fascinate me.

Each day I am excited about the people I am helping, whether they are in my private practice or with Canada’s female rowing team training for some of the biggest competitions of their lives. Working alongside my clients to help them improve their health and wellbeing is motivating, exciting and a privilege. This work is my true calling and I am surrounded by people who remind me of its rewards.

As some of you may know, last year I departed from Rumble, the health beverage I co-founded. Nearly 10 years had passed since I developed the recipe and worked with the team to get the brand out into the marketplace. The experience of launching a new product, especially one that is now so widely used in people’s everyday health routines, was challenging and rewarding. I learned a lot and I’m so glad I said yes to the opportunity when it came my way.

Those that know me know that I say yes to a lot of things! I have so much more ahead of me in my career to say yes to so check back to this blog to hear about my latest projects.